Questions to Ask an Event Planner Before Hiring

Questions to Ask an Event Planner Before Hiring

Researching hiring an event production firm can sometimes be a daunting task when you only have one shot to get it right. Whether your upcoming corporate event, convention, or sales meeting, you need your audience to connect with your message, appreciate your brand, and improve your overall brand awareness at the same time. Hiring a professional event production in Dubai will ensure that these objectives are met and in turn, your guests leave looking at your organization as a brand on a par with any other.

What is their experience, and how do they manage an event?

When it comes to event production, there are several considerations to make when choosing a qualified and competent event planner and production staff. If you are running a trade show or similar corporate function, a good place to start is by talking to existing clients and asking them about their experiences. Do they always manage to find an event producer and planner with who they are very happy?

What do you need from your event management team?

There are plenty of trade show organizers and event planners around who are experienced in meeting all of your needs. So what do you need from your event management team? The first thing you should look for is a proven track record of success, whether this is within your industry or in another area of the industry. If you are hiring event management companies and producers for events outside of trade shows or exhibitions, then you need to make sure that the professionals that you hire are not only experienced but have had some solid experience in project management and planning as well.

How prepared they are for the big day?

One of the key elements that you should look at when it comes to looking at the experience of your chosen event production team members is how prepared they are for the big day. Do they make sure that they fully understand all of the needs of your customers, both large and small?

How long they have been in business?

Before you even begin to talk to any event planners or entertainment agency in Dubai, you will want to ask some questions. Do you know how long they have been in business? How many clients do they serve? What is their average client size? How many employees do they have on-staff? Once you have a better understanding of the way that they operate, you will be better prepared to ask some of the more detailed questions.